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Fluffy Wosh®

Fluffy Wosh ™

Fluffy Wosh®

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I will always be here for a hug 💜
Fluffy Wosh® is here in the form of an adorable plush! Standing at 8 inches tall, he will watch over you in glorious peace. We all have anxiety and fears sometimes. The patience of Fluffy Wosh with his arms crossed as he patiently waits reminds us that whatever happens in life will always pass...

"The grass will always grow again" - Aristotle 

Take a deep breath, and enjoy the warm embrace of Fluffy Wosh.

Imagine you come home, after a long day, and as the thoughts of tomorrow make you anxious, the thoughts of the past fill you with regret, an escape you crave is nowhere in sight, but as you open your bedroom doors; you see him so gracefully sitting there patiently waiting for your return as if you’ve never left. You pick him up towards your cheek, this familiar warm fuzzy feeling, as if he understood all your problems, without speaking a single word. 

You look him in his eyes, as you gaze into his soft soul, his eyes reflect colorful flecks of your own eyes, he understands.. you just know he does.

He’s been patiently waiting since the dawn of time, and the beginning of creation, no one knows why, but he sits in wait everyday of his life. Some say his presence painted the sky in mercy, and so the pink scattered clouds tell a tale of his despair. He created the stars for the weak, and for the lonely, as guideposts of the skylines, we set our paths in the darkest of nights, as he sits in wait in hope that one day all the stars he’s kindled in the sky for us will be out shined by you...

you were his favorite star. And so forever since, he’s been patiently waiting for your return. Every decision you’ve ever made in your life has led you to this very moment, this is your story, this is who you are..

This is your Wosh.

Wosh is created in the likeness of Homunculus loxodontus, an art statue designed by Margriet van Brevoort.

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A portion of proceeds are donated to EJFoundation.org to save the turtles and protect marine biodiversity as well as protect our oceans, proof of our annual donations are posted monthly on our Instagram! @fluffywosh


Diagnosed with anxiety and PTSD last October, and this fluffy guy definitely helped, so very thankful.


I could literally hug him all day UGH WHY IS HIS FACE SO CUTE


I have my wosh sat up on the window to watch outside, he's been waiting patiently trying to spot another wosh.. he hasn't found anything yet, i shall keep you all updated on his condition

Floofy Jess

Professional hand crafted quality, made in France.

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